Top 2 ways to recover deleted video on iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS

Nov 20th, 2012
  • As iPhone user increases rapidly, the questions about how to recover deleted iPhone video also become popular. Here are some:
  • “My cousin deleted a video off his iPhone 4, before syncing. We’ve tried tons of freeware and none of them seemed to work, we tried making the iPhone work as a hard drive and then scanning it, but the softwares we used don’t seem to work. Called a few local data recovery places, they don’t do it for the iPhone, anyone have a suggestion?” –Maria
  • “I’ve accidentally deleted an old video on my iPhone that had some memories with some friends on it and was wondering if there was a way I could recover it. It would mean a lot to me so any help at all is appreciated.” –Rude
  • However, the solution to recover deleted video iPhone is not that hard. As long as you adopt of a useful iPhone video recovery tool and follow the right steps, it is highly possible to recover deleted iPhone video. Why? Technically speaking, each time you sync iPhone with iTunes, there’ll be a backup file called .sqlitedb automatically generated by iTunes on your computer. With a smart iPhone video recovery tool, you can extract videos out of the .sqlitedb backup file. Also, if you did not backup the deleted video in iTunes before, it does not matter, as you can recover deleted video from iPhone directly before it is overwritten.
  • As two questions showed above, you can find many iPhone data recovery freeware on the Internet, claiming to be able to recover deleted video iPhone efficiently. However, it is highly recommended to rely on a good paid program rather than to go for an unsafe free one, because the unsuccessful iPhone video recovery by trying free software may cause data loss forever. The value of your deleted video must be worth a paid program that will genuinely work for successful video recovery.
  • Among the commercial iPhone data recovery programs, Hodo iPhone Data Recovery (for Windows) and Data Recovery for iTunes (for Mac) are two top rated iDevice data recovery software. For iPhone 4/3GS, Hodo iPhone Data Recovery can recover deleted video iPhone 4/3GS through iPhone directly and from last iTunes backup, while Data Recovery for iTunes can only extract deleted video from iTunes backup.
  • Free download Hodo iPhone Data Recovery for iPhone 4 at first, and then begin to recover deleted video iPhone 4 on Windows as below two ways.
  • Free download Hodo iPhone data recovery

    Method 1 Recover deleted video from iPhone directly

  • 1. Connect your iPhone 4 to the computer and run Hodo iPhone Data Recovery, then you’ll get the interface below. Do as the instructions to enter the DFU mode.
  • iPhone Video Recovery

  • 2. Then the software begins scanning iPhone automatically for lost data. When the scan finishes, check camera roll to find your lost videos.
  • Recover iPhone Video

  • 3. Click Recover button to save them on your computer with one click.

    Method 2 Recover deleted video from iTunes backup file

  • This recovery mode can be used when you failed to directly recover videos from iPhone, or you lost iPhone device. It is possible to recover data from iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and new iPad, which are not supported by directly recovery mode.
  • 1. Scan iTunes backup
  • When launching Hodo iPhone Data Recovery, switch to “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. Here, all your iTunes backup files of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which has ever synced with iTunes on this computer will be automatically found and listed. Select the one of your iPhone and click “Start Scan” to begin iTunes backup extracting.
  • Recover video from iPhone

  • 2. Select videos to be recovered
  • When the scanning finishes, all contents previously backed up to iTunes from iPhone will be shown. Find the videos you want to recover.
  • How to recover iPhone video

  • 3. Recover videos
  • Click “Recover” button to recover and save videos on computer, then you can sync them to your iPhone.
  • Here is Data Recovery for iTunes user guide on how to recover deleted video from iPhone directly on Mac.
  • Try either iPhone data recovery way, you will surely be amazed that it could be so easy to recover deleted iPhone video.

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