DVD5 VS DVD9? Explanation and Comparison of DVD5 and DVD9

Jan 18th, 2013
  • DVD is an optical disc storage media format with high storage capacity than CD and is widely used to store data. There are many types of DVD discs. Among them, DVD 5 and DVD 9 are the two most common types of DVD types used by the general public. This article will talk about DVD 5 and DVD 9 and make a comparison between the two DVD discs.

    What are DVD 5 and DVD 9?

  • DVD5: DVD5 is a single-sided, single layered DVD that can hold around 4,700,000,000 bytes and that is 4.37 GB. This is the most common DVD Media and is often called 4.7 GB Media. DVD5 is supported by DVD+R/DVD+RW and DVD-R/DVD-RW.
  • DVD9: DVD 9 is a single-sided, dual layered DV that can hold around 8,540,000,000 bytes and that is 7.95 GB. It is also called DVD+R9, DVD+R DL or 8.5 GB Media. DVD9 is supported by DVD+R.

    Difference between DVD 5 and DVD 9

  • Though DVD5 and DVD9 are quite similar, there are some differences between them in the following aspects.
  • 1. The storage
  • Both DVD5 and DVD9 can be used on standard DVD-ROMs and DVD burners. Since DVD5 is single layered and DVD9 is double layered, the storage capacities of the two are very different. As mentioned above, DVD9 can store almost twice as that of DVD5. Because of the storage difference, if you want to transfer data from DVD9 to DVD5, you’d better compress the information and data first before transferring.
  • 2. The Price
  • Another difference between the DVD5 and the DVD9 is the price. Compared to DVD9, DVD5 is much cheaper. Because of this, many people tend to use DVD5 to store some personal data and information.
  • 3. Reusableness
  • Another advantage of DVD5 is that it is reusable while DVD9 cannot be reused. This makes DVD5 gains more popularity. When burning a DVD5, you can use one that has already store information and make room for new data to be stored. For DVD9, once the information and data is stored, it cannot be erased for another use.


  • 1. DVD9 can handle more data and information than DVD5 because it is dual-layered while DVD5 only contains one layer.
  • 2. DVD5 is much cheaper than DVD9 and is welcomed by people who are looking for storage devices.
  • 3. DVD5 can be reused while DVD9 stored information cannot be edited once burned. So DVD 5 is more efficient and environmental-friendly.
  • Article source: http://www.aimersoft.com/tutorial/dvd5-vs-dvd9.html

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