iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery Tips

  • Hodo iPad Data Recovery to Recover Lost Notes from iPad

    iPad: More and more people these days use an iPad to take notes when they are off to a lecture at college, or a meeting at work. This is definitely convenient, but the notes can be easily lost due to accidental deletion or other reasons. If your notes on iPad are lost, Hodo iPad Data […]

  • How to get back data from water damaged iPhone 4S?

    Dropped your iPhone 4S into toilet or water by mistake? Fixing a water damaged iPhone 4S is possible and there are many YouTube tells you how to make it possible. If you find the data stored on the device is lost, then you can try to recover iPhone data using Hodo iPhone Data Recovery. Professionally […]

  • How can I recover lost data on iOS devices (iPad Mini)?

    After factory restore, I have lost all my data (contacts, photos etc.). Is there a way to get them back? iPad Mini, thanks in advance! Take it easily when you run into this problem. You can restore data from a previous iTunes backup. Besides, you can find an iOS device data recovery to recover iPad […]

  • A simple iPad bookmark recovery tip

    How to recover deleted files on iPad? To be more accurate, how to recover lost Safari bookmarks on your iPad? You know what, bookmarks are links to websites that make it easy to get back to your favorite places. Losing the bookmarks makes you feel annoyed and inconvenient when you want to open some of […]

  • How to recover lost iPhone 4/4S photos?

    How do you recover deleted iPhone photos that were deleted off the device? My friend accidentally deleted a couple photos that were of me and a famous singer when I went to their concert off her iPhone 4S yesterday and I was wondering if there is any way you can get those back? PLEASE HELP! […]

  • How to perform data recovery from iOS devices?

    Q1.How to recover deleted notes on iPhone that wasn’t synced or backed up? One of my most current notes on my iphone seems to have gotten deleted, although I’m almost certain I did not do it myself. Anyway I haven’t synced it to my computer in weeks and I don’t think it has been backed […]

  • A simple guide to recover lost data from iPod Touch

    You can store hundreds of photos in your iPod Touch, but what to do if you lost your photos accidentally? For example, you deleted these files by mistake; your iPod Touch suffers with white screen of death or your iPod Touch was stolen or lost. What will you do to recover photos from iPod Touch? […]

  • Recover lost iPhone 4S data with Hodo iPhone Data Recovery

    Accidentally deleted a very meaningful photo in my iPhone 4s? Do anyone have any idea how to recover deleted photos from iphone 4s because I recently deleted a photo that means a lot to me. Data like contacts, messages, photos, calendars and more on your iPhone 4S can be easily lost due to accidently deletion, […]

  • How to recover lost data from your removable devices?

    Accidental deletion, virus attack, formatting, and more unknown reasons can easily cause your data lost from your removable devices like iPhone, iPod, iPod, Android Phones, etc. Here well show you how to recover lost data from different types of removable devices. For iOS device – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Want to do iPhone 5 photo […]

  • Recover lost iPad data with Hodo iPad Data Recovery

    Accidentally deleted videos from your iPad Mini? Looking for a simple way to recover video from iPad? What you need is Hodo iPad Data Recovery, the best tool to recover data from iPad 4/3/2/1/Mini. What’s Hodo iPad Data Recovery? Hodo iPad Data Recovery is an easy yet effective tool to recover various lost data from […]

  • How to recover deleted calendar, photos and more from iPhone directly?

    Backup iPhone data to avoid data loss Worry about losing your calendar, photo and more on iPhone? You can easily backup your most iPhone data using iCloud and iTunes. For more details, please see iOS: How to back up. Once you find your iPhone lost, you can simply restore the data from the previous backup. […]

  • How to recover photos, videos and contacts from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS?

    FAQs about iPhone data recovery Losing data from iPhone is a common problem nowdays. Maybe you are troubled by one of the following problems now: Q1. How to recover a deleted video off camera roll on iPhone 4S? I recently recorded a video on my iPhone, but before I connected it to iTunes I accidentally […]

  • Hodo iOS Data Recovery: The only tool you need to recover lost iPhone/iPad/iPod data

    If you are a big fan of Apple, you should have several Apple products at hand, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. What to do if you lost data from your iOS devices? How to recover deleted contacts from your iPhone 5? What to do to retrieve deleted iPad photos? What to do if you […]

  • How to recover lost photos and contacts from your iOS devices?

    How do you recover lost data like photos and contacts from your iOS devices? Accidental deletion, failed iOS update, factory settings restore and more can easily cause lost data in your iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you have no idea, why not have a try Hodo iOS Data Recovery. What’s Hodo iOS Data Recovery? Hodo […]

  • How to retrieve deleted photos from Apple iOS devices?

    I was trying to transfer photos from my iPhone to my Windows 7 desktop. After pictures were transferred, I deleted them from my phone. And now I find that not all pictures were transferred only 60 out of 400. How can I recover my photos now? If you have ever backed up iPhone using the […]