Data Recovery Tips

  • How to recover lost photos from cell phone?

    Many users now prefer to take photos or videos on a trip using their cell phones. Accidental deletion of precious photos from your cell phone could be a big bow if you don’t have a backup of the files. Fortunately there are ways to recover your photos from cell phone. Hodo Photo Recovery is the […]

  • A simple guide to recover lost photos from memory card

    Need to recover photos from a memory card? Q1. How to recover photos from my Sony Xperia memory card? Q2. Is it possible to recover deleted files from CF card by connecting the digital camera to the PC? Q3. Is there a chance to recover my picture if I already re-format my CF(compact flash) card? […]

  • How to restore formatted photos from Sony Xperia?

    Is there any way to restore deleted photos from Sony Xperia ion? All photos in the memory card are lost. I formatted by the card by mistake. Xperia is the family of Sony’s Android smartphones and tablets. When you accidentally formatted the memory card in the smartphone and get all your photos lost, you can […]

  • Recover deleted photos in 3 easy steps

    Our precious photos now can be easily deleted from devices like PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad, cameras, etc. So keeping a backup of our important files is an important task in our computer life. But no all of us have the habit of backing up data n a regular basis. What happens if you just deleted […]

  • How to restore erased files from a canon camera?

    Can you restore data that was accidentally erased from a memory stcik? I have a canon video camera and accidentally deleted a very important video. Is there any way to restore the file? Please help me? Not to feel worried! Take it easy as you can easily restore erased files from the memory stick in […]

  • How to recover deleted, formatted and lost photos from memory card?

    How can I recover photos from my memory card? I accidentally formatted the memory card on my camera and want to recover the photos. I Are there any tools that would work and would actually recover the photos? This is a very common data loss case. Today there are many great photo recovery utilities available […]

  • How to recover photos from Sony Xperia?

    Hodo iPhone Data Recovery is the best tool when you lost photos from iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. But what if you are using a Sony Xperia? How to recover photos from Sony Xperia? If you have no idea about it, please read the information listed below. What you will need? […]

  • How to retrieve deleted pictures on your digital camera?

    I have a Canon PowerShot A540 and I accidentally deleted pictures that I didn’t mean to. Can I retrieve deleted pictures on my digital camera? Once you deleted your pictures in your digital camera by mistake, immediately stop using it for anything, and then find a digital photo recovery to help you recover the deleted […]

  • An easy way to recover photos Samsung Galaxy S2

    I deleted some of my precious photos from my Samsung Galaxy S2 by mistake. Is there any way I can recover these deleted photos? You can easily recover photos Samsung Galaxy S2 using a data recovery tool. To choose the right tool, you need to make sure where your data lost in your Samsung phone? […]

  • How to recover deleted documents from flash drive?

    By mistake I deleted a folder from my USB Flash drive and the folder contained a lot of Word and Excel files that I need. I use Windows 7 and Office 2007. It would appreciate if someone can advise any way I can recover these deleted files. Troubled by a similar problem? Not to worry! […]

  • How to undelete photos from Windows 8 computer?

    Accidentally delete your files from Windows 8? All you need is to recover deleted files from recycle bin, a special directory where deleted files are stored in the event that you need to recover them. But the presupposition is that you never empty the recycle bin. Here’s a question: How to undelete photos after recycle […]

  • How to recover deleted MP3 files from Windows 8?

    My little brother deleted 113 MP3 music files from my hard drive. I tried everything, but had no back-up to restore them. Please help! It’s a windows 8 computer. Run into a similar problem? All you need is find a Windows 8 data recovery tool to recover deleted MP3 files. And this is really an […]

  • How to undelete files in Windows 7?

    As a common Windows 7 user, you are highly suggested to backup your files frequently using the backup and restore feature. But it seems no people follow this advice. What to do if you lost Windows 7 data without a backup? How to undelete files windows 7? Undelete Files Windows 7 Tip Retreieving delete files […]

  • Best way for Nokia Phone Data Recovery

    The Problem: How to recover deleted files from Nokia LUMIA 920? What to do if you need to perform Nokia LUMIA 920 photo recovery? Is there any Nokia phone data recovery tool? The Solution: Whenever you run into lost lumia 920 data loss problem, checking whether your LUMIA 920 has been synced with Zune in […]

  • A simple Galaxy S data recovery Tip You Need to Know

    What’s your favorite smartphone? Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung GALAXY S4 or others? Apple iPhone will be the answer for most people, while many people might prefer Samsung GALAXY S4. We’ve introduced you how to recover lost data from iPhone 4S. And here it will show you how to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S4. […]